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About Darlynn

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Darlynn Coates

As a counselor I seek to provide services for clients in a non-judgmental and understanding atmosphere. I operate as a Christian counselor, however, I also appreciate other's worldviews and values; I do not expect to hold every client to the same principles that I follow and I do my best not to push my value system on others. Each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual client and their presenting concerns. I have a passion for working with children who have behavioral problems and adults who have depression, anxiety and other life obstacles.

I use CBT, play therapy and DBT. I also help clients develop necessary coping skills to handle daily battles or life in general.

I have a collaborative approach with clients, meaning that clients have a say in their course of treatment. I also enjoy bringing parents into the treatment process with children as their opinion holds tremendous value. I consider each client that I am given to be a blessing and I encourage anyone who needs help to contact me for more information.

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