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Michelle Fox

About Michelle

I practice as if we are having a conversation where you are the subject. You are the expert on you and I am simply a guide to help you feel what you need to feel and get to where you want to go. I can be both conventional and non conventional. My Masters education was from a traditional college, I've completed 80 hours of online studies in a Ph. D. Counseling Psychology program and my undergraduate degree is in psychology. I would be honored to aid you on your journey.


  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Family

  • Group

Age Group:

  • Preschoolers

  • Children 

  • Preteens

  • Teenagers

  • Adults


  • LGBTQ+ 

  • Chronically Ill and Disabled

  • Elderly

  • Women and Girls

  • Pregnant People

  • Minorities

  • Low-Income and disadvantaged children

Accepted Insurance:

  • Blue Choice Medicaid

  • SC Medicaid

  • Molina 

  • Wellcare

  • Select Health

  • Cenpatico

  • Self-Pay

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